Does your business need a new electrical panel?

Your electrical panel is the power hub of your property. If your electrical panel is outdated, you'll experience electrical problems. Here are a few signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade:

Your electrical panel smells strange
Your lights dim or flicker frequently
Your panel feels warm to the touch

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, contact us today to make an appointment.

Don't Let Electrical Issues Disrupt Business Operations

REACH OUT TO A COMMERCIAL ELECTRICIAN IN THE Boerne & Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, Sulphur & Lake Charles, LA AREAS

Keep things running smoothly at your business by taking care of electrical problems quickly. Business owners turn to Fisher Electric LLC when they need a commercial electrician. We'll troubleshoot your electrical system and repair any problems as quickly as possible.

You can also ask us to upgrade your lighting fixtures or install a lighting control system. We can retrofit your commercial space for LED lighting. Call (337) 496-6065 for the Lake Charles, LA location and (210) 797-2128 for the Fair Oaks Ranch, TX now to speak with a commercial electrician.